While it’s hard to define the factors that encapsulate the meaning of luxury, there are ways to help determine what it’s all about. Often, luxury price depends on its location. A million-dollar property may not be worth the same if located elsewhere. But in general, a luxury property would often start at $500,000 and increase from there.

If you’re looking for a premier property, it’s best to consider its location. Most of the time, luxury houses are in coveted spots with the most scenic views. But these areas evolve as the years pass.

Premier quality and luxe amenities also play a vital role when it comes to choosing a luxury property. You need to look at the construction materials used in the design. A few typical staples when it comes to luxury houses are marble, Venetian plaster, and top of the line appliances.

Ultimately, the definition of what a luxury home is all about depends on you.

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Central Richmond is primarily made up of two desirable neighborhoods.

The Fan District is one of Richmond’s most well loved and dynamic neighborhoods. It is where many things come together in Richmond. The Neighborhood has a long and colorful history that has its roots in William Byrd’s Richmond but the neighborhood that we know today was developed in the very late 19th & early 20th centuries. It’s mostly made up of Edwardian era townhouses with some Victorian homes in the lower fan. Like many early 20th century neighborhoods its first heyday faded after World War II. Now at the beginning of the 21st century, the Fan is revitalized and re-energized.

The Museum District is a charming neighborhood made up of early 20th century houses with styles ranging from Victorian to Art Deco. The district is located west of the Boulevard, between Cary and Broad Streets with many of Virginia’s major museums acting as a border.

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NearWest end

Richmond’s near west end is both convenient and serene. Early twentieth century homes featuring an array of architectural styles populate this vibrant area of Richmond. It is home to some of Richmond’s most prestigious neighborhoods and clubs.

With shopping and dining opportunities on the Avenues and Willow Lawn, Richmond’s first mall, everything you need is close by.

Home to Richmond’s popular Greek and Armenian festivals and convenient to Carytown and U of R, this neighborhood’s central location means you can be anywhere in town in minutes.

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Commercial real estate is property that is used exclusively for business-related purposes or to provide a workspace rather than as a living space, which would instead constitute residential real estate. Most often, commercial real estate is leased to tenants to conduct income-generating activities. This broad category of real estate can include everything from a single storefront to a huge shopping center.

Commercial real estate includes several categories, such as retailers of all kinds—office space, hotels & resorts, strip malls, restaurants, and healthcare facilities.

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