Area Utilities

Whether you are purchasing a new home or selling an existing home, you will need to have your utilities begin or end on the day of closing.

It is very important that you request that utilities be “taken out of your name” as opposed to disconnected or turned off. If power/water/gas are turned off on the day of closing it will most likely cause a delay in closing. We recommend that sellers call as soon as they are under contract because they are required to initiate the process, while a buyer is recommended to call two weeks before closing.

House utilities:

Locating underground powerlines:

TV and internet:

  • Verizon internet/cable/phone: 888.881.8161
  • Comcast internet/cable/phone: 800-934-6489

Alarm companies:

Multi-Media and Security Solutions:

  • MMIS: 804.506.0007
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