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Your Small & Associates Buyer's Agent: all you need to get all you want in a home.

Part best friend, part financial advisor, part contractor, part diplomat, all mixed into one hard-nosed negotiator. This is what you get with a Small & Associates agent. We've given thousands of buyers a great buying experience. How?

We see your vision

Details matter – that's why we take time to get to know you. We want to understand exactly what you want in a home.

We give you great insights that lead to great choices

Using our understanding of what you want, the latest market information and our unmatched knowledge of Richmond neighborhoods and homes, we'll show you a wide variety of properties that   will deliver long-term value. 

Finally, our ability to spot little details that can add up to big, big problems comes in especially handy in a town with so many historical and urban porperties. When it comes to reno, just ask us.

We search for hidden gems

You can't find your dream home unless you ask for it. We can't guarantee it, but our 600,000+ social followers on TwitterFacebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+ have produced some great homes and outstanding values. We have the largest social media presence of any realtor in Richmond, and we put it to work for you.

We use technology and savvy negotiation for lightning fast results.

When it's time, we'll help you develop and execute the smartest bidding strategy. Our secure Global Office digital document system gets paperwork in front of sellers while their interest in your offer is at its peak. We have the best technology in Richmond, and can move super fast.

We are there for you - always.

Ensuring repairs are made. Helping you with paperwork. Addressing last minute issues. We do everything in our power to take the stress out of closing on your new home. And, when you're ready to sell, buy again, upgrade, downgrade or invest, we'll always be here for you.

The bottom line is that Small & Associates knows Richmond and central Virginia homes, buyers, realtors, and other resources better than anybody. So get the total package than ensures a great buying experience – Contact us today.

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