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Monument Avenue

From the grand houses to modest condominiums, Monument Ave in Richmond is an iconic address to have in Richmond. People get addicted to being on the street. Once you live there, you stay. If you do move, it's likely that it's to another property on the street!  "The Avenue" has long been a wonderful place to call home in Richmond. 

Planned as a grand avenue in the late 19th century, Monument Avenue is a natural extention of Franklin Street where the "movers and shakers" of Richmond lived in the mid and late 19th century. It has always had the grandest of the grand houses in Richmond. Houses designed by the best architects of their day, among them William Lawrence BottomleyJohn Russell PopeD. Wiley AndersonCarl Lindner and W. Duncan Lee. Once many of these grand houses suffered from neglect, but today they enjoy a new appreciation by a growing number of homeowners. Over the past 30 years there have been many renovations preparing more and more properties for a new modern life. It is now a national, state and local Historic district

Over the years Small & Associates has helped many Monument Ave residents find their new home and sell it when the time comes to make a move. Let us help you find your Monument Avenue home.

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